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About Censored

Censored is an Alliance guild on the Trollbane/Malfurion server that was established on May 17, 2010.  We are a large (300+ unique accounts) guild full of primarily casual PvE players.  We consider ourselves an adult guild, with the average age of active players above 30 years old, but players of all ages are welcome to apply. 

Currently, our Raid Progression is split between two individual raids:

[Currently on sabbatical]  Weekday Raid- M/W 9:30p-12:30am server.  Invite only (Waitlist is open) Discord required. 
11/11 Heroic ABT

Weekend Raid- F 9:00pm-11:30pm server. Sat 8:00pm-11:30pm server. Open invititation, Discord required. 
3/11 Heroic ABT

Please apply here or find one of us in game if you are interested in joining our guild!

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